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” I lead many weak-ass men by their balls and they learn their place is under my big ebony ass “

Loyal, faithful and devoted gentleman pets (aka manpets)…

I am THE main attraction. I love being a naturaldominant black thick Goddess who speaks her mind about being a AUTHENTIC domina lifestyler, a REAL financial (genius) dominatrix, the BEST online ebony thick tease Goddess who has a true BADASS attitude in superior female dominance.

I have crafted and honed my skills beyond just fetishes & kinks.

You will NEVER see me do these online dommish bullshit type of fake cruelty, trying to tricking you out of your fortunes or blackmailing you into submission, never proving real gifts at my feet or showing real financial domination by just saying it and so many other things that is not true without showing PROOF to get your attention.

Do NOT think that I follow the boring cant be myself protocols or rules on being a just your typical online (or offline) Mistress/FemDom/Domina/Goddess. I have always made up my own damn protocols and rules.. that fits MY true natural dominant personality. I am intelligent and a self leader that have the wisdom to *succeed* as a Domina not just to *survive* online.

If you cant stand all that then you’re more than welcome to leave.

My website is about true obedient males giving, devoting, sacrificing for their Goddess pleasures, desires, needs and wants. I have been online for 10yrs and will retire doing what I love… Making a mint off men’s weakness as the original [since 1999] dominant thick unique ebony Goddess online. Who only desire males that are looking for a long-term D/s relationship (even better converting them into D/s relationship) that needs to give me everything. Which you know I naturally deserve EVERYTHING! Remember I DONT need you.. you NEED Me.

THE FACTS AGAIN: I am the ORIGINAL black/ebony plus size femdom that appeared online since 1999 in the scene and still standing strong.

To know me is to understand that I am more then just a black female here making femdom/fetish contents, financially dominating ordinary manpets & male providers, emotionally breaking down and rebuilding slaves/submissives, using real cuckold males in my sexual tease debauchery with my alpha bull, making grown men cry over my cruel but yet loving phone sessions and being a wicked tease towards their weak big or tiny manhoods. Don’t judge me by what you just read, hear or see, everything in here is just a fraction of what really makes Me!

From Her luscious lips to Her heavenly breasts to Her powerful thighs to Her gorgeous ass to Her lovely legs to Her divine feet… She is all Goddess, worthy of love adoration and worship. by @mryoshiceo – 2005.

I am the greatest ebony thick tease Goddess… I use My wickedly open mind, hot plus size body & cunning manipulative skills of control to get what I want & make men ache.

Now be a good manpet read my bio page, make yourself busy by keeping up with my frequent twitter mini bloggin and worship my images on a daily bases. Keep buying my clips only from  CURVY SEDUCTRIX  my exclusive clip store and of course keep to my wishes on the amazon wishlist and keep sending your daily, weekly, biweekly and monthly tributes.

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Remember a HAPPY GODDESS = A happy manpet.

Learn to love Me… Learn to adore Me… Learn to need Me…

Learn to lust Me… Be addictive to My thick ebony feminine POWER!

Important Rules! It is important that you keep a constant eye on my Twitter Feed (http://twitter.com/bossycurvyetease) for up to the minute status updates. This where I talk about what my latest gifts and tributes… I announce when I am available, take candid photos, show off my outfit, talk about my boys who are well behaved little bitches, retweet interesting #hashtag about my likes, as well as available time slots for webcam sessions and so much more. For you techno-phobes, you do not have to “use” Twitter or download anything. All you need to do is bookmark This Page and check it a few times per day to see what I am up to. My Twitter Feed (http://twitter.com/bossycurvyetease) is my main tool to communicate to all of you what is happening with my daily schedule.

**Twitter Feed (http://twitter.com/GODHERSELF) - I am now offering a twitter account that is for loyal obedient privilege losers, slaves and admirers… But with a twist: If u want to see my photos, anime tease gif,  audios and mini clips inside u gotta buy a $100 amazon gift certificate sent to mslivia {@} thickdame.com – stating in the title access to “Goddess Livia private tease twitter account” & your twitter name. . Let me tell you there will be a lot of photos and preview videos of me inside with a lot more contents.

Side Note 1: You may contact me publicly at the only email [mslivia @ thickdame.com] and the only yahoo chat names I use [addicted2livia or cruelebonybeauty]. Don’t be stupid and let anybody talk to you with a bogus chat message name. I have list below of official networks that I use ONLY.

Side Note 2: As of today -11/29/11, don’t email me lame ass message saying ‘ nice profile’, ‘nice ass’ or ‘nice tits. Yes, I am perfect in all my GODDESS GLORY.. understand your a nothing to me at first. First impress is the key to show me all your true gentleman personalities and submissive tendencies colors. I will not respond to your stupidity. Don’t put me in the category with all the black femdoms online. I am not like every black femdom or any domme you have come across online. I am a GODDESS and I get everything I WANT. Send your pathetic emails to the others that will respond to your small thinking… just like your small penis. I am very picky and I have right to pick out the right potential’s to play with mentally, physically, sexually & monetarily. Either you are go to be ready to take care & make my mundane perfect then I suggest write a well to do impression. If you can’t do that then move on.

The males that is under the age of 21 can suck my toes all the way to Mexico because I have NO need for you. Males at that underage would be a leech on my lifestyle. I am don’t have time to take care of you. If you are a male that is a SWITCH don’t email. If you send it to me I will block your ass.

Alpha Ebony Female | Original Thick Dame | REAL THICK Tease Goddess | Financial GENIUS Domina